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Laser accessories, product picture
Laser accessories, product picture
Scientific lasers

Laser accessories

Laser accessories for laser system integration and optimization.

OPCPA pump-seed-synchronization
Ultra short-pulse laser synchronization

Stable performances of optical parametric chirped pulse amplifiers (OPCPA) require both precise spatial and temporal overlap of the interacting pulses. TRUMPF Scientific Lasers has developed an active synchronization system reducing the pump-seed timing jitter to a few femtoseconds. This solution is available as a stand-alone device and can easily be implemented in any OPCPA or other optical-optical systems.

Laser accessories, product picture
Custom-made laser control

Our laser head control actuates and monitors all system parameters and offers our customers a simple and flexible interface for integration into their laboratory environment. The control also includes delay generators with adjustable global delay settings and several programmable trigger outputs. The control connects to the customer's systems via a RS-232 interface.

Miror Mounts, TRUMPF Scientific Lasers
Mirror Mounts

TRUMPF Scientific Lasers offers mirror mounts specially designed for long-term alignment stability in the optical system. Due to solid state hinges our series of steplessly adjustable mirror mounts still ensures the flexibility of precise adjustment. The mirrors are held by flexible ball bearing shims providing a temperature-independent positioning of the optics. All mounts can easily be attached to standard pedestals via a M4 stud screw.

Scheibenlaserkomponenten, TRUMPF Scientific Lasers
Thin-disk laser components

Different thin-disk laser components are available upon request. TRUMPF Scientific Lasers supports Universities and research facilities by providing the unique TRUMPF thin-disk technology for different research activities. Please contact us directly for further information.

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Flyer Lasers Pump-Seed-Synchronization
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