Combining extensive expertise in ultrafast laser technology and in the manufacturing of industrial high power lasers, we offer laser sources with outstanding performance for demanding customers. With solutions covering pulse duration from 40 fs to a few picoseconds and energies up to 0.5 J at kilohertz repetition rates, we can address a wide range of scientific applications and industrial processes.

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TRUMPF short and ultra-short pulsed lasers

TRUMPF started its activities in developing ultrafast laser system for micro-machining applications at the turn of the millennium. Learn more about the TruMicro series.



ELI procect with TRUMPF Scientific Lasers as partner


Extreme Light Infrastructure - ELI

ELI will be the world's first international laser research infrastructure, pursuing unique science and research applications for international users. Learn more about the ELI project.



Umgeleiteter Blitz durch grünen Laser

Laser Lightning Rod (LLR) - EU Horizon 2020 project 737033

Together with colleagues from French and Swiss institutes TRUMPF Scientific Lasers is working on the next generation lightning rod based on an ultrafast laser system. Learn more about the Laser Lightning Rod.



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