scientific laser

MPZ Series

Compact thin-disk amplifier with high pulse energy and high average power

Multipass amplifier

This industrial amplifier with superior thermal and mechanical stability deploys a monolithic pre-adjusted mirror array, allowing 18 reflections on a thin-disk gain material in a single pass configuration.

The amplifier can be configured with up to 6 diode units for >5 kW of average pump power and implemented with different seed lasers (CW/ pulsed, Gaussian/ multimode beam, with/ without CPA).

High average power

Multi-kW output powers can be extracted from a single module.

High beam quality

Near fundamental mode can be maintained at kW level amplification.

Maximum flexibility

The amplifier can be set up behind various sources, with different input powers and beam qualities.

Simplicity of use

The monolithic design guarantees alignment–free operation of the multipass amplifier.

Technical data

Examples of configurations MPZ 5001 MPZ 10002 MPZ 20003
Wavelength (nm) 1030
Input ► Output average power (W) 20 ► 500 200 ► 1000 550 ► 2000
Output pulse energy (mJ) > 100
Amplification factor 25 5 4
Beam quality (M2) < 1.5

[1] Seed laser: TruMicro 2000
[2] Seed laser: TruMicro 5000
[3] Seed laser: Dira 500-100

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