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Dira Series

The highest pulse energy rate extracted from a regenerative amplifier

Dira lasers are regenerative amplifiers with femtosecond to picosecond pulse durations, based on the unrivaled TRUMPF thin-disk technology. This series shows its superior performances in applications experiments demanding both high pulse energy and high average power.

Thanks to the thin-disk geometry, Dira maintains nearly diffraction-limited beam quality beyond the kilowatt level of average power at repetition rates ranging from 1 kHz to 200 kHz.

Our customers‘ favorite, the Dira 200-1, is now available in its third generation. This long-proven 200 W model delivers 200 mJ pulses at 1kHz with pulse duration down to 600 fs.

Based on this success, two new models were introduced with 500 W (Dira 500) and even 1 kW (Dira 1000) of average power and operating between 5 and 100 kHz.

Its robust design and reliable concept guarantee 100% constant power. The incorporated electronics and onboard software ensure optimal day-to-day operation.

The flexible design of the Dira series enables customization of systems according to user requirements in terms of energy and repetition rate. Combined with our nonlinear compression add-on Herz, this series can deliver sub-40 fs pulse duration while maintaining the high average power, pulse energy and beam quality.

Dira lasers exploit a pertinent data collection system for the monitoring and visualization of the real-time laser performance. Implemented to remote service, it allows fast diagnosis and problem resolution in most situations. For cases involving worn-out components, TRUMPF “plug & play” spare parts guarantee a swift exchange.

Thin disk technology

All Dira systems are based on the mature TRUMPF thin-disk laser technology.

Intelligent control system

The internal control ensures stable output power typically < 0.5 % rms.

Superior quality

Dira systems incorporate industrial engineering expertise and advanced innovation with highest quality components.

Customer orientated

Customer satisfaction is paramount.

We support and accompany our customers beyond the successful commissioning of their laser, from the initial design stage and throughout the entire life cycle.


Flyer Dira Series: Ultrafast thin-disk lasers
Flyer Dira Series: Ultrafast thin-disk lasers


Powerful pumps with Dira series

Powerful pumps

Dira systems were originally designed as the ideal pump lasers for parametric amplification stages for high-power few-cycle femtosecond pulse generation for ELI Beamlines L1 system.

TRUMPF Scientific Lasers, Coherent x-ray-sources

Coherent X-ray sources

Picosecond regenerative amplifiers will be used for generating coherent X-rays via Compton backscattering for phase contrast imaging in medicine revolutionizing X-ray examination.

Filamentation in air with Dira series

Filamentation in air

In atmospheric research ultra-short pulse laser systems are used to create filaments in air. This technique allows lowering the breakdown voltage in thunder clouds to trigger and guide lightning. In addition, droplet generation and suppression in clouds can be realized by laser filamentation allowing to control the weather.

Technical data

  Dira 200-100 Dira 200-1 Dira 500-10 Dira 1000-5 Dira 1000-1
Wavelength (nm) 1030 
Max. average power (W) 200 200 500 1000 500 / 10001
Max. pulse energy (mJ) 2 200 50 200 500 / 10001
Min. Pulse duration (fs) ≤ 1000  ≤  600  ≤  600  ≤  600  ≤  600 
Repetition rate (kHz) 50 - 400 1 - 100 10 - 100 5 - 100 1
Beam quality (M2) ≤ 1.4 ≤ 1.5 ≤ 1.5 ≤ 1.5 ≤ 1.5

[1] Available upon request

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