OPCPA product picture
OPCPA product picture
Scientific lasers

Optical parametric amplifiers

The next generation of femtosecond laser sources

Femtosecond laser pulses with only a few cycles of the light field but with extremely high energy are the domain of parametric amplifiers. They represent the next generation of femtosecond laser sources, overcoming the shortcomings of present-day Ti:Sapphire-based amplifier systems. Optical parametric amplifiers have emerged as a powerful tool for generating broadband few-cycle light pulses and are currently the only method to create such pulses at the multi-mJ level.

Technical data

Wavelength (nm)700 - 1100   
Max. average power (W)15
Pulse duration (fs)< 7
Max. pulse energy (µJ)150  I  300  I  1500
Repetition rate (kHz)≥ 100  I  50  I  1 - 10

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