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OPCPA product picture
OPCPA product picture
Scientific lasers

Optical parametric amplifiers

The next generation of femtosecond laser sources

Femtosecond laser pulses with only a few cycles of the light field but with extremely high energy are the domain of parametric amplifiers. They represent the next generation of femtosecond laser sources, overcoming the shortcomings of present-day Ti:Sapphire-based amplifier systems. Optical parametric amplifiers have emerged as a powerful tool for generating broadband few-cycle light pulses and are currently the only method to create such pulses at the multi-mJ level.

Dira 200-1, product picture
Thin-disk based Dira pump sources

OPCPA systems by TRUMPF Scientific Lasers are all pumped by thin-disk based Dira picosecond amplifiers. The broad variety, high reliability and excellent long-term performance of the Dira series allow for numerous OPCPA solutions ranging from µJ to mJ pulse energy and from one kilohertz to a few hundred kilohertz repetition rate, all at high average output power.

Optical Parametric Amplifiers, product picture
Few-Cycle, CEP stable Terawatt pulses

Optical parametric amplifiers allow for breaking the scalability limitations of Ti:Sapphire based systems using a nonlinear compression regime. Along with our thin-disk based Dira pump sources robust and compact high-power femtosecond sources are available delivering few-cycle, CEP stable pulses with peak powers in the Terawatt region.

OPCPA pump-seed-synchronization
Femtosecond Pump-Seed-Synchronization

Stable performances of optical parametric chirped pulse amplifiers (OPCPA) require both precise spatial and temporal overlap of the interacting pulses. TRUMPF Scientific Lasers has developed an active synchronization system reducing the pump-seed timing jitter to a few femtoseconds. This solution is available as a stand-alone device and can easily be implemented in any OPCPA or other optical-optical system.

Technical data

Wavelength (nm)700 - 1100   
Max. average power (W)15
Pulse duration (fs)< 7
Max. pulse energy (µJ)150  I  300  I  1500
Repetition rate (kHz)≥ 100  I  50  I  1 - 10

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